Italian Shop Online

Made in Italy

The expression "Shop Online" refers to a type of electronic commerce in which the means of making the purchase is the website of a Company, and in which the economic transaction is carried out entirely via the internet.

The Online Shop offers the possibility for Individuals to purchase Products and use the Services, even in Countries very distant from Italy.

Therefore, if it is not possible for you to come to Italy, and you cannot find what you are interested in in the place where you live, through the Online Shops, it is the Italian Companies that come to you.

ITALIAN SHOWCASE shows some Italian Online Shops for Individuals, who, despite residing abroad, can appreciate Made in Italy products and benefit from services on the Italian Territory: Food, Beverage, Beauty, Fashion, Events, Holidays, Furniture, Design and Style.

Note: ITALIAN SHOWCASE is an International Showcase for Italian Companies and therefore presents them only, but does not deal with the sale of Products and Services. Therefore, every time you access the site of a third Company, you have already left the ITALIAN SHOWCASE website and therefore, we are not responsible for third-party Companies.