Health insurance for Italy tourist visa

Health insurance for Italy tourist visa

Foreign Citizens from non-EU Countries who intend to apply for a Tourist Visa to arrive in Italy must demonstrate to the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the Country of Residence that they have a Health Insurance with the Schengen requirements.

The fundamental aspect of this tourist visa insurance is that relating to the right of people to access health care on the Italian territory, this is in fact a principle that finds development in many regulatory sources, and which certainly does not concern only residents and those with Italian citizenship also apply to non-EU tourists staying in Italy.

The Health Insurance for Foreigners is mandatory in relation to the issuance of a Visa for the entry of Citizens residing in non-EU countries who intend to travel to Italy and / or Schengen Countries for Tourist reasons and for a period of less than 90 days.

Health insurance can be stipulated by the Foreign Citizen directly with Insurance Companies in the non-EU country of residence or with Insurance Companies in Italy (online stipulation).

Health Insurance in Italy for Foreigners. The first step to apply for your Visa.